Underfloor heating is synonymous with comfort: the uniform distribution of temperature within a living or working environment generates a pleasant sensation of physical wellbeing and ensures significant energy-saving, total furnishing freedom, and a clean and healthy room.

The temperature in rooms heated with traditional systems tends to be higher closer to the ceiling and lower at floor level, whereas underfloor heating systems allow heat to be released throughout the entire floor surface, so temperature is distributed evenly, guaranteeing an ideal climate for the needs and the comfort of the human body.

This is why underfloor heating is currently considered as the best heating system.

Underfloor heating systems use water circulating through a network of pipes concealed below the floor tiles. Heat diffusion into the room is primarily a result of radiation and allows users to obtain uniform temperature distribution.

This special feature not only ensures a sensation of physical wellbeing, but also allows the system to function at low temperatures, thus ensuring lower energy consumption than traditional systems.

Underfloor heating systems can be also covered in any type of flooring: ceramic, parquet, marble, hard brick, etc. Since it is an invisible installation, the system also allows full use of the available space, with a wide range of furnishing options.



b!klimax is an integrated radiant heating and cooling system that can be installed on walls or ceilings. Developed by RDZ through continuous technological research on heating and cooling for all seasons, b!klimax is simple, functional and... revolutionary.

b!klimax is an innovative system that exploits the ability of large surfaces (ceilings and walls) to exchange heat with the environment by radiation.

Thanks to b!klimax the human body can perfectly balance its heat exchanges, increasing the level of perceived comfort.

Innovative and versatile, b!klimax is a radiant heating and cooling system for wall or ceiling installation. It is the ideal solution in rooms where it is important to maintain comfortable conditions all year round. Its very low thermal inertia and high effi ciency make b!klimax the ideal system for houses, renovated buildings and commercial applications. Completely concealed in ceilings or walls, b!klimax makes it possible to use all the available space while improving the appearance of the room


Radiators provide a responsive and flexible heating option for new and existing homes.

They heat up and cool down quickly, so are ideally suited for changeable weather conditions.

Turn them on when you need them and off when you don't, without having to wait long for them to kick in. It usually only takes 10 minutes for them to warm up.

All radiators are thermostatically controlled by thermostatic radiator valves, and can be turned off individually or as a system.

All systems also include time and temperature controls, allowing homeowners to tune a system to their individual preferences and requirements.