Air Condition is a system for controlling the temperature and humidity of the air in a building.

Air is the only media that encompasses the whole of our body, we need to condition this air to provide comfort.

With air condition we can controll the following:

  • Control Temperature (heating & cooling) which entails adding energy (heating) or removing unwanted energy (cooling). General comfort conditions range between 20 - 25℃ .
  • Control Humidity, either humidify when dry, which can result in dryness of skin, dry throat and encourages static build-up) or de-humidify when the amount of moisture in the air is high, which can result in breathing discomfort. -Comfort humidity is generally between 30-70 %.
  • Provide Ventilation to provide the necessary oxygen for breathing and dispelling carbon dioxide, odour, dust, smoke etc. General ventilation requirement ranges between 5 - 18 litres per second per person.
  • Provide Filtration to clean outside and inside air by removing dust, pollen, etc. Dust in dry air combined with dryness is the main cause of static shocks.